02. Untuned

I did not fight for her
My six-laced lover

Her silence resonates sometimes
Barely enough for me to take notice
And forget
That I want her still
In a nonchalant melancholic vein
The kind of love
That burns like regret

A decade long of
It used to be
(It seems so far away)
I recall
She wasn’t my first
But when I slid down her neck
And stroked her belly
She came with the most beautiful sound
Igniting between her curves and my torso
Only to take her for granted
When my father said so
To pursue not her
But women with iron fists and practical endeavors
For she’s only as good as her form
Not the ideally can-do lady to bring home

I did not let go
But I did not fight for her

And when I’d go near her
Rare lucky times
She wasn’t the same
I would hold her close
But she would only moan with pain
In the years she stayed and I went astray
The dust settled with the lost songs we made
I don’t know how to ask her for an encore
I don’t know how to touch her anymore

I did not fight for her
My six-stringed lover.

Vivien Marie Lopez

NaPoWriMo Day 2

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