23. Your Name, Pt. II (Acrostic Poem)

Ensconced herewith:
Dilated fate in a fueled flask.
Mine, yours, ours, us.
A toast for eternity
Never ending, ever last.

Chosen, and chased, and caught and cared
Happened, and herded, and held, and honed
Reaped, and regaled, and reveled, and roamed
I live with this chain, and I die with this wear
Such is the case of staying home.

Descend with me, until we
Open trenches and treasures and tales.
Make planes with me, to touch space
Impress castles on fluffy waves.
Nuke wars and births and apocalypses
I am your dragon as you are my serpent

Quo vadis, Domine? Hic manebimus optime. Adsum.
Usque ad finem, ultra vires, utraque unum, utrinque paratus.
Everything, my forever Asperatus.

HAPPY 13TH LIFETIME, MY KING Edman Chris Dominique Tupas Jorillo β™₯

Your queen,
Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo
(c) 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 23
An Erosbound Envelope

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7 thoughts on “23. Your Name, Pt. II (Acrostic Poem)

      1. Delayed nako sa schedule. Hahahah bawi-bawi rin pag may time! >.<

        Random: Medyo napractice ko na rin yung Tagalog ko dahil naglalaro ako ng online game, pag mag English doon taas kilay ng ibang mga players, dugo raw ilong nila. Hahahaah πŸ™‚


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