The Art of the Female O

remember when a kiss becomes all
and everything becomes nothing
slow, patient, capable of
ripping electric strings
through veins that ignite
when tongues do bite
flesh follows
the soul

(c) 2013
Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo
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3 thoughts on “The Art of the Female O

    1. it’s a whole body experience. according to my research (this is supposed to be one of my online articles for my job) men and women climax differently. when men can still achieve orgasm even if it’s sloppy sex, for women it’s much more complicated because a woman has to be in the right state of mind and all that. plus, there is this clitoral orgasm vs. the vaginal orgasm. it’s very rare for women to have vaginal orgasms. they say for males, the sensation of an orgasm is localized, whereas for women, it’s everything. besides, women can have multiple O’s at a time, so I think ours is much more intense. This is why a lot of women are actually dissatisfied and some women have lived their whole lives orgasmless – the female orgasm is mostly a misunderstood thing. 🙂


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