Will you receive a scream
As you would a whisper
Let your eardrums write
The speech of a king
Whose fists are wrapped
Upon the blade he just ran through
The neck of his queen
(Clothed now with her skin and breasts
His armor made from her ribs)
Tonight’s feast shall be sponsored by her flesh.

This is the safety of death,
This is the peace of violence.
This is all that we are
And all that we need to know
And be that secret
Told in a rendezvous of souls
The window to the sun.
After the chaos and the void
Let there be light.

Will you welcome fear
As you would with pride
Let your shadow defeat
The obsolete face of honor
That made carcasses out of dreams
Fought with good intentions
And devoured by disillusion
(Betrayed by the seduction of ire
The temptress that is our dark side)
Tonight’s dance shall be fueled by widowed brides.

Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo
(c) 2013

Go. Moan. Scream. Tell me if you like it. Make some noise.

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