The Catcher Of Unfinished Thoughts

[Riot Creme]

So for the sake of argument
I will now tell you who I am
And it’s a walk to a Hall of Mirrors paradox
When I become your Labyrinth-wild Pandora’s box
Stark rapid-eye-movement secrets
And mysteries left open for future reference
Just in case we’ll end up close to an apocalypse
We know all and nothing, bird’s eye view flirty glimpse
You won’t be my visitor but you’ll be my guest
I’ll show you my worst but I’ll give you my best
The price of passion and the curse of lovers
Rest assured, it’s you and me and no one else
Our battles will be see-saws, our love like carousels
As finite life is vengeance to eternal death,
Twin souls knot in both wombs and graves.

(c) 2013
Vivien Marie Lopez

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