Permanence Listens to Bedtime Stories

Passion is violent, ruthless. Intimacy is the daring kind of communication. Commitment is permanently stubborn. I say this not just without fear but also not without courage, for love is a way of living, and to me, life demands more courage than death does.

To my twin soul, I am more than happy that this is how we are, and that we we do not attack in times of conflict- rather, we argue in order to fight for each other.

Permanence listens to bedtime stories, some as long as a boring, uneventful working day often lasts while missing someone you’ll see after your shift, some as short as flash nonfiction such as “I love you, see you in the morning.”

2014. Vivien Marie Lopez-Jorillo


Go. Moan. Scream. Tell me if you like it. Make some noise.

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