The Gardener

When I thought I’d wither
Say it’s time to kiss decay
But each time I bloom once more
I can’t go
I can’t go

When your hand comes in
Say it touches my lips
I’m more than alive, pregnant and
Filled to the roots
This is me and you

I’ll stay all night guarding the moon
Say it’ll lose its balance
And the tide replaces the dew
I won’t sleep
I won’t sleep

I’ll breathe a thousand lives
A bud or petal, anything you want
For all the hardened days
Know you can take from me
Pieces of life, beauty and grace
As long as it takes (and as much).

I’m thinking of that rose
From The Little Prince
But if you decide to cut me
Say you’ll keep me in a vase
I won’t blame your nonfiction decision
Or that my days are numbered

You know what you are to me

Vivien Marie Lopez


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