OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

She dressed up in fancy skirts and wigs
The only way to fulfill her far-fetched fantasies.

A harmless hobby until she made the mistake
Of fancying a married man she talked to, one summer day
Turned her version of cosplay into a different game
Where at every chance she wore the wife’s voice and face.

Day by day she tried to catch him online and pretended to be his
Even saved and uploaded photos of the couple’s wedding rings
Charmed him with stolen words and pet names
Anything to steal the wife’s place.

A harmless hobby for a desperate, naive girl
Who just didn’t know she had made an enemy.
Months later she was found
With maggots crawling inside her mouth.

No more costumes, no more makeup
Her face missing, her head hammered to a pulp.

Meanwhile in a distant land
The wife happily tells her husband
She has something new to wear this evening
Having developed a new passion for stitching
A mask made of real human skin.

A harmless hobby…

© 2016
Vivien Marie Lopez