Schrodinger’s Cat

Schrodinger’s Cat

What do you hope to see
if the Schrodinger’s cat’s box has been opened finally?
Will you still assume it’s both alive and dead
if its decaying bones are the only things left?
Assuming it can has cheezburger nine lives
and the probability of an afterlife –
after all we do prefer to keep some pieces of faith
and unseens with which to perpetually debate.

© 2015 Vivien Marie Lopez
Artist: Dom Jorillo/Envy Tattoo



muse and seer

This is with whom I am when I write, and who I become to this companion. My inked tribute to my humble offerings of the written word, to the loneliness, joy and pain of writing.

Artist: Dominique Jorillo of Envy Tattoo

07/23/2014, Philippines
Vivien Marie Lopez
Spit Or Swallow/Riot Creme

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