5. A Heart Full of Flies

Should you always offer your heart last
When love in your case is trauma
A keen adventure in pain
As old as treachery
Humanity’s bane
But only when
It becomes
You’ll find

© 2015 Vivien Marie Lopez


4. We’re All Suckers for Publicity

We are a masochistic bunch
For placing all our faith in just one side of the case
Maybe you didn’t notice
How funny this has molded our fate.
Our purpose became feeding
An endless pride-fueled war machine
Didn’t we forget it takes two to tango
In a misunderstood dispute between a father and his son
Only when this son became an exile
We also found in him a scapegoat for our crimes
And if all of these are mankind’s invention
Then we’ve just made the greatest puppet civilization.
We are a gullible bunch
For placing all our faith in just one side of the case
Maybe you didn’t notice
It’s all gritty showbiz.

© 2015 Vivien Marie Lopez

3. Medea’s Cauldron

So to your horror you just turned a year older
And you realize your crow’s feet are permanent.
So you call your doctor to renew life
Stop time through the power of the knife.

But is it how they market the face of the young
That makes you crave for Medea’s cauldron
Or is it because it reminds you of
Everyone’s inevitable kiss with the Keres or Thanatos?

Is it the ultimate denial of nearing the greatest discovery
If the concepts of gods and the afterlife are merely mankind’s fantasies
Pep talk to find purpose in an otherwise absurd reality
If that’s the case, will you ever be ready?

But if indeed there’s nothing to look forward to in death
Why not die in the most beautiful form you can possess?

© 2015 Vivien Marie Lopez


Swallow: BLANKO Clothing

Swallow: BLANKO Clothing

Stuff your mother warned you about is coming up this summer from Cebu City’s 6000 Promotions as they pair up with BLANKO Clothing to craft and bring you the sickest merch in the tropics. Stay tuned for more updates.

Spit Or Swallow meets Blanko Clothing

sixthousand-promotion-and-store-1951-378782-1 sixthousand-promotion-and-store-2929-219782-1
Photography by Mason Tsubaki
Design by HardChick x Karingkay
Models: Dom Jorillo of Envy Tattoo and V. Lopez Jorillo of Spit Or Swallow

Contact details:
FB- http://www.facebook.com/blankoclothing
TWITTER- http://www.twitter.com/blankoclothing
TUMBLR- http://blankostreetwear.tumblr.com/
STORE- https://www.facebook.com/sixthousandpromotions
IG- @blankoclothing
SMS/VIBER – 09222130421
EMAIL – blankostreetwear@gmail.com

She’d be man’s bestfriend… and a bitch. (a triolet)

Until when should I lend a hand
When you wouldn’t listen
(And you’re the ruthlessly experienced, stronger one)
Until when should I lend a hand
When that strength became others’ demise
Wrought from broken dreams when we were children
Until when should I lend a hand
When you wouldn’t listen?

(c) 2015
Vivien Marie Lopez